A New Year of Giving and Receiving

Riverside has been growing with the anticipation of a brighter economic future. With the new Administration taking office on January 20, we are holding out hope for the long-awaited growth spurt that has been so allusive in the past decade. That said, there’s no denying Riverside has been fortunate in many ways, we also know that good fortune continues only when shared. Our philosophy is; if there’s more for us, then there’s more to give.

Supermarket Food Surpluses 
Recently the topic of excess food surpluses has come up for discussion at our Town Hall meetings. It seems it’s a choice between contracting st louis towing services every week to haul away the excess amount of food that supermarkets won’t sell after a certain date, or finding a way to avoid the waste. Several ideas were presented on how to bridge the gap between the surplus and the hungry.