Riverside is a vibrant, on-the-go, hub of all things happening. At the Riverside Chronicle, we share our view of this exciting world around us. This site is our way of giving our readers that all important sense of being in the know.

We live in a beautiful community. Galleries, parks, river sports, museums, hiking trails, activities abound. We host, generous charitable endeavors that make the lives of our residents as well as those far outside of our boundaries even more special. We – and that translates to you, – give back.

What’s trending? What’s affecting our neighborhoods? What’s on your mind? We want to know. We invite editorial comments and newsworthy contributions from each and every one of you. What are your thoughts on where Riverside is going and where it’s been? Do you have local ancestry dating back over the past one hundred years? If so, be a part of Geraldine Baker’s column on historical facts about the area.

Do you have a recipe that is to die for, or just an easy mid-week meal you would like to share with the rest of our subscribers? We welcome your involvement – bring it on. Much to our surprise and delight, many of the time saving contributions come from our male readers. We don’t discriminate on age either. A fabulous entry for our holiday cookie bake last year, came from nine-year-old Amanda Cox.

With advancements in technology, Riverside has been recognized as one of the top five cities in the United States by the Center for Digital Government. This means that a better citizen experience is available through enhanced safety features and utilities. We like to think that The Riverside Chronicle played a big part in bringing awareness to areas of need through our community outreach.

Thank you for your readership and subscribing to the Riverside Chronicle. As partners in the community, we count on you as much as you count on us.

The Staff at the Riverside Chronicle