Lessons in Freedom

February is especially important for the town of Riverside. Every year we dedicate this month to our US Veterans. We honor all those who have served to assure our freedom. Make no mistake, we never forget or vets throughout the year, but we make a special effort to let them know just how much we appreciate their unselfish service during this month.

Today the Chronicle woke up to a great treat. Some old friends and war heroes Jake and Craig showed up in a beautiful limousine provided by Raleigh Limo Services. They deserved the royal treatment after what they have been through at war. Craig had just returned from a stint in Iraq as a Medic, and was enrolled for the upcoming summer semester at the Riverside College. After seeing we were preparing for Veterans’ Month he volunteered the following story.

Riverside’s Annual Cooking Contest

It’s that time of year again. As our loyal readers know, every year we ask all kitchen wizards to submit a savory or sweet recipe they think has a chance to win over the taste buds of our Judges. We begin by inviting all the citizens of our fair community to participate in the annual “Best Recipe” cooking contest featuring our most talented home cooks and their favorite foods.

Last year’s winner, Veronica Reynolds bowled us over with her locally famous rendition of Chocolate Flourless Cake. Joseph McCormick sent the judges reeling with his succulent Pig in a Pit when he used a gantry crane to lower the homegrown hog into a coal lined in-ground oven.

A New Year of Giving and Receiving

Riverside has been growing with the anticipation of a brighter economic future. With the new Administration taking office on January 20, we are holding out hope for the long-awaited growth spurt that has been so allusive in the past decade. That said, there’s no denying Riverside has been fortunate in many ways, we also know that good fortune continues only when shared. Our philosophy is; if there’s more for us, then there’s more to give.

Supermarket Food Surpluses 
Recently the topic of excess food surpluses has come up for discussion at our Town Hall meetings. It seems it’s a choice between contracting st louis towing services every week to haul away the excess amount of food that supermarkets won’t sell after a certain date, or finding a way to avoid the waste. Several ideas were presented on how to bridge the gap between the surplus and the hungry.

No One Left Behind

With the Holidays now at our front door it’s necessary that we invite everyone into the Joy of the Season. Blessed are those who have relatives to love, argue, eat and play with. Blessed are those who have friends they can call family to share this time of year. However, many are without family or close friends. At the Riverside Chronicle, we enjoy creating ways to extend the feeling of being connected with everyone in our community.

This year we built a bridge of Holiday Cheer. Just like emergency towing companies Dayton Ohio help those in need of a tow or roadside assistance, we extended the warmth of the year by exchanging cards, letters, memories, toys, clothing and other goodies to each other’s community.